Partner Program purposes are:

  • increasing Partner’s business competitiveness through the adoption of the ANALITICA’s products;
  • Analitica brands distribution through indirect sales channels;
  • Partners commercial offer of products delivered by ANALITICA to end-users;
  • ensuring the Partners’ complete autonomy (presales support, analysis, implementation and commissioning);
  • increasing Partners and end-users loyalty to the company and to marketed products.

 Partner Program is intended to:

  • ERP (Manufacturers and distributors of ERP products or packages);
  • System Integrators (Companies working in end-users fields as an application solutions provider or as a turnkey system integrator of packages with features compatible with product line managed by ANALITICA);
  • Consultant (consulting companies working as suppliers of management control, business intelligence and performance management projects and solutions).

Participation in ANALITICA Partner Program brings the following benefits to Partners:

  • Achievement of a competitive advantage over its competitors by adopting advanced technology and an established methodology;
  • Obtaining a comprehensive training on proposition technology and methodology to market from a leading company in scheduling and production control;
  • Expansion of business opportunities by incorporating in their BI and CPM suite a product specifically designed and engineered to Third Parties;
  • Acquiring new skills and professional figures within management control, business intelligence and CPM;
  • Increasing revenue through ANALITICA’s licenses and services sale to end consumers. 

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