Budgeting and Forecasting

Technological solutions for budgeting and forecasting 



The Budget and Forecast module of Analitica enables you to create dynamic and forecasting models in a unique ambient thanks to the engine for managing collaborative and structured processes.


  • Collaborative working environment and distributed interfaces for workflow management;
  • Simple and immediate front end thanks to easily accessible Excel interfaces
  • Dynamic reporting of the deviation analysis

«Our management control was oriented to the past, so we could not take corrective actions in time. Today we have adopted an instrument aimed at improving performance that helps us make the right decisions in time»

Sales Manager

The Italian leading manufacturer in furniture



soluzione unificata

Unified solution


One single environment, supporting the Planning process from the definition and communication of the objectives and their simulation up to their final implementation.

riduzione dei tempi

Time saving


Collaboration on verify and modify data allows to reduce the time for the preparation and the approval of the budget.




Analytics improve the accuracy of forecasts and following planning.




Increase productivity thanks to a basic user training due to the software’s compatibility with familiar tools such as Microsoft Office.

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