Financial Planning

Analitica for financial planning 

Analitica’s Financial Planning model allows gathering all the data within one single spreadsheet, both with final data from the company’s transactional systems and from the budget projection data.


  • customizable aggregation levels make all data compatible with the financial statement
  • user-friendly dashboard that shows prospective cash flows in rolling mode according to defined variables
  • guaranteed unambiguous data
  • total safety with customizable user profiling
  • flexibility thanks to the Azure Cloud platform and the SharePoint Team Collaboration tools

«We had the data and still we could not get the full picture to interpret it. With Analitica we managed to define the sustainability of the various business goals and optimize the management of financial needs and surpluses»

Financial Manager

Italian fashion leader




Eliminates the unexpected


Having all data always available minimize the impact of unexpected events.


Improve negotiation with banks


Thanks to the availability of a comprehensive prospect of the financial and corporate balance sheet, it is possible to improve negotiation with banks.




The Financial Planning solution excel based, allows you to effectively set up efficient strategies for the company's growth




A precise formulation of spending, savings and investment goals increases chances of obtaining funding.


Cost rationalization


Having a complete and detailed view of the financial situation, allows you to streamline your costs.

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