Excel without any flaws

Analitica is the solution for Collaborative Data Intelligence that allows exceeding the limits of Excel maintaining it as the main tool for data management and treatment and for reporting.

Microsoft Excel is the most known and used tool in companies, it is perfect both for simple and fast calculations and for complicated companies’ models development.

Why should companies eliminate this well-known software and train human resources to use new complicated management tools?

In most cases, people will continue to use this comprehensible tool, Microsoft Excel, adding costly and unnecessary applications to the chosen management system.

Now you can go beyond the limits of Excel using it also for collaborative processes management!

Analitica makes the workflow simple and efficient. It allows integrating the data and comments from more users. Furthermore, Analitica ensures the transparency of work activity and transforms simple Excel sheets in Collaborative applications maintaining almost original the Excel interface.

The similarity with the Microsoft applications can reduce training period allowing users to work in a familiar environment. Easy-to-use and comprehensible interface provide the best user experience.

Analitica makes the use of Microsoft Excel convenient and simple without any flaws!

Excel without any flaws

Excel without any flaws 

Enhanced performance

Excel beyond all limits.

The front-end is Excel with the additional functions. Now BI and CPM are accessible in a simple and fast way. All these processes are managed by Collaborative Applications of Analitica and are seamlessly integrated with all other collaborative applications developed by our customers.

The experience of semantics use

You won't believe your eyes!

Thanks to the Analitica’s “Semantics in Memory” function, you can set up a formula for Analitica’s data and run it with the semantic rules managing directly data related to the formula itself.


Financial compliance and automatic report of adjustments.

Your operations with Analitica will be carried out in complete transparency. The data traceability is supported by the Analitica’s engine. All adjustments and modifications will be traceable at any time with the possibility to see who has made adjustments or left any comments in order to comply with the strictest rules on financial compliance.

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