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Data management within a company

Within a company there are ungoverned and unstructured processes, which are not supported by integrated information systems that are activated daily in order to elaborate and exchange unstructured data within the company and towards external parties. Such processes are often gathered in Excel or Access files, or they are based on email exchange. 

In particular, Management Control needs new solutions, analysis models, process logics and special tools in order to obtain the specific and quick support.

Thanks to Analitica the data are:

MEASURABLE, always having the information we need

ANALYZABLE, drawing temporal comparison

MANAGEABLE, even when the process owner changes its position

integration and control of processes

The solution

business process analysis 

Analitica was inspired by the idea of merging the methodologies and the tools to govern the company processes, thus enabling the functional areas to directly manage business rules and allowing the information systems to support the technological infrastructure.

Our technology allows modifying the integrated data from the information systems using simple but safe and structured Excel interfaces. In addition, it makes collaboration between users social by eliminating the use of emails due to automated workflows, which are integrated with the organizational structure. As a result, it provides high performance also thanks to the Microsoft Business Intelligence tools.

Analitica allows creating the so-called Collaborative Applications which help govern unstructured processes by integrating them with already existing information systems, tracking all data modifications made by users and automatically measuring the processes to optimize them.

In addition, Analitica extends the BI functionalities of Microsoft tools:

  • parametric data flows management with a user-friendly interface;
  • integration with Microsoft Power BI which enables also business users to quickly create navigable and dynamic dashboards;
  • Authorization procedure models’ implementation at the level of a single object, a Business Unit and adjustment, which help manage access authorizations within the system even on a global scale.

Such enabling functions make our solution the standard on the market and nullify the amount of time required by users to learn.

govern business processes

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