Unified Workflow

A unique controlled procedure design for improving business users everyday work-life.

Thanks to Analitica Workflow you can improve the yield of your business processes taking advantage of a complete integration of information from any sources.

Analitica Workflow is completely business user oriented, in fact it was design to simplify the way of working . Analitica Workflow allows to integrate both data and content information creating a very revolution of usability, thanks to the first “Narrative Data Lake”.

The inability to handle all information using only one system has always been a limit but today it can be overcome. Trough Analitica, users can manage different business processes using a single controlled procedure without having to duplicate data and information. Even managing business processes from different tools is no longer a problem.

Analitica Unified Workflow also includes collaborative capabilities such as warning, alerts, remind together with “audit-trail”.

With Analitica Workflow you can easily:

  • Allocate Workflow Tasks, that allows you to deliver tasks to single user or group of users who receive a notification when an activity needs to be completed; Tasks have priority and deadline
  • Set Up Workflow Tasks, that enable Administrators to shape workflow tasks and check the status of a workflow in progress
  • Unified task of CPM (budget, consolidation) and Disclosure (Board book) and data integration (extraction of data from ERP system).

 Analitica Business User Workflow

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